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How to sell extra unused Diabetic Test Strips for cash online

Posted on February 27, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

When you are ready to earn a little side cash and free up some counter space in your home, there are several sites online that are ready and willing to throw money at you for your unused diabetic test strips. However, you need to make sure that you understand the process and understand what it means and who is able to sell. Here are a few considerations and key points so you can be part of the industry in a safe and secure way.

When you decide on a company to sell to, you will never be asked anything secret or sensitive. This means you should never have to give them your social security information. These companies want your business and don’t want to make it difficult or unsafe to be a part of the process.

First, you will need to set up an account. This should be as easy as starting an online profile on their website and entering some basic information. The information will let you track your sales and money. It will provide shipping information and payment details.

Second, you will need to send them your unused test strips. Make sure the boxes are unopened and undamaged. They can’t put boxes on the market that could contain damaged strips. This would be a health hazard to the industry. Some companies have physical drop-off locations or pick-up services. However, the vast majority, if not all allow for mailing the boxes in and even pay for shipping depending on the amount in the sale.

Third, get paid. It is that easy. Once the company has received the boxes they need to confirm the contents and the quality to make sure that everything conforms to a certain standard. As long as that is good then you will get paid quickly. Some services are faster than others. Since the standard payment method is an online payment through something like PayPal there is no reason for it to take longer than a few days.

Is It Safe To Do It Online?

It is absolutely safe to sell online. These companies are not out to steal anything. If that were so they wouldn’t be able to create a market for themselves. Instead they want to develop a relationship with all of their clients. In order to do this they need to make the process as safe, secure, efficient, and effective as possible. 

You can almost live your entire life through services online these days. The digital world is new and unknown but generally it is safe because companies want to build trust with the communities. Online access to discount medical goods allows people in hard to reach or separated communities a chance to save money and be a part of the larger community.

Is Selling Diabetic Strips Legal?

Yes, selling unused diabetic test strips online for cash is legal under state and federal law. You are allowed to sell these with only a few restrictions. The restrictions are simple to apply and shouldn’t cause any trouble.

First, you can’t sell unused diabetic test strips if you have received them through Medicaid or Medicare. These are government healthcare programs and regulations disallow people from profiting off of the programs.

Second, you can’t sell diabetic test strips that have expired. Not everything has an expiration date. If it does have an expiration date make sure it hasn’t passed, or else you can’t sell it. This is for obvious reasons to keep people safe and out of harm.

Third, companies don’t buy boxes that have been opened, are unsealed, or damaged in anyway. They don’t want to run the risk of putting products on the market that could be harmful. They want to create a market that is safe and trusted by all communities.

What Are The Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to selling your unused diabetic test strips. First, you get a little extra cash in your pocket. Second, you get paid to de-clutter your shelves. Third, you can help people who can’t afford the full cost of boxes from the pharmacy.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Not every company offers bonuses for extra boxes. You should consult the website to determine if your chosen company offers these. Companies like offer bonus cash each time you hit a certain level each transaction. 

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