Hit-and-run killer of Sonoma bicyclist gets three-year prison sentence

Posted on January 15, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The woman convicted in a hit-and-run fatality on Highway 12 in June has been sentenced to three years in state prison. Nancy Jeannethe Serrano, 26, of Santa Rosa, was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.

She was driving on a suspended license at the time of the incident.

Bicyclist Adrain Albert was killed when he was struck from behind by Serrano’s vehicle along Highway 12, near Madrone Road. Serrano continued driving into the City of Sonoma where she parked her car in a residential area and fled the area on foot. Serrano ultimately contacted law enforcement and confessed to being the driver of the vehicle that fled the scene.

“Serrano’s actions demonstrated that she was only concerned for herself,” said District Attorney Jill Ravitch.”A state prison sentence demonstrates how seriously my office handles these cases.”

Albert, originally from Romania, earned his master’s degree at Stanford University and his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was the founder and CEO of a start-up company called Terrafuse  He had moved from San Francisco to Sonoma because the rural setting reminded him of his hometown in Romania.


One thought on “Hit-and-run killer of Sonoma bicyclist gets three-year prison sentence

  1. I am in a state of some sorrow and grief. The entitlement issue that so many have, that allows for them to expect and demand the PRIVILEGE of “driving and” owning a full size vehicle is utterly nauseating . Moreso than that the disregard for the basic rule of the road combined with a blatant refusal to abide by the laws that regulate for our safety such as legal any licensed, insurance and physical capability and mental competency means to me that was way too soft of a sentence. SHE took a life! I certainly strive to hold more worth to Karma, God, whatever than a mere 3 years of a killers life.

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