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Posted on May 2, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Presentations of note coming up: 

Friday, May 7, 4 p.m.

Love and Relating in the Time of COVID

Linda and Charlie Bloom, psychotherapists and relationship counselors

Presented by the Praxis Peace Institute

Linda Bloom (LCSW) and Charlie Bloom (MSW) trained as psychotherapists and relationship counselors. They have worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations since 1975. They have lectured and taught at learning institutes throughout the US and have offered seminars throughout the world. They are the authors of Happily Ever After and 39 Other Myths about Love, 101 things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married, and their soon-to-be-published, Love in the Time of COVID.


Saturday, May 8, 2 p.m.

A Pictorial Look at Sonoma  

Jim Schein, collector and purveyor of maps

Second Saturday lecture series, presented by the Sonoma Valley Historical Society. An informal study, using antique maps in my collection relating to Sonoma County, the Valley, and its development Using maps from 1848 to 1950, a look at growth in the area through transit and farming via train and steamboat from the Rancho period into the modern age. Register with email to [email protected]

Thursday, May 11, 6 p.m.

Pandemic Recovery Town Hall

Pandemic recovery, upcoming legislation and the 2021 budget will be addressed in Sen. Bill Dodd’s May 11 virtual town hall featuring panelists Dee Dee Myers, senior economic advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the state’s legislative analyst, Gabriel Petek. Panelists will join Sen. Dodd in answering submitted questions and calls from viewers.

Streaming live audio:



Friday, April 23, 4 p.m.

Cuba Today! Revelations About the Cuba We Don’t Hear About in the US

Mark Frank, journalist

Presented by the Praxis Peace Institute


Saturday, April 24, 2 p.m.

Early Wine in California

John Briscoe, author of Crush

Presented by Sonoma Valley Historical Society


Tuesday, April 27, 6 p.m.

Springs Municipal Advisory Council


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