Witchie Poo’s familiar haunt

Posted on October 31, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun


For a witch, 40 years is a blink of a newt’s eye. For Witchie Poo, the Spectacular Halloween Extravaganza, four decades of costumery, stage antics, magic and oodles of tiny goblins and witchlets is quite the accomplishment. The musical review – this year themed “The Year of the Witch’ – concluded its four-show run on October 30.

Witchie Poo (Diana Rhoten) again holds court and cauldron over her horde of young minions.

Performances included dancing monsters and zombies, the famous black light Beetlejuice, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and of course the Magic Man, Roger Rhoten

The theatre itself was done up in its spookiest decor, by  Susan Bellach, décorateur extraordinaire.

Photos by William Murray. See more.

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