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Under the Sun: Jerica Tercero, new generation entrepreneur

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Jerica Tercero, age 26, is co-owner of Peace’n Beauty Salon, and sole owner of Crush Beauty Bar; in high school she was a regular at El Nido, predecessor of Teen Services.  

I heard about you from the Teen Services’ ED, Cristin Felso, as someone who embodies their goal of empowering the young people they serve.

You know, I hung out at El Nido all through high school. We socialized, cooked together, went on camping trips. My dad didn’t get home till late, and the bus dropped me and other kids who lived around there off at El Nido.

unnamed-2What has been important to you about that experience?

I had a place to hang out after school. And I really enjoyed the once-a-week Girls’ Group. Cristin ran it. We got the club all to ourselves, and it felt like sisters. They are talking about starting up the Girls Group again. If they do, I would help out in it.

How did you decide on your career?

When I was seven I told my father “I want to be a cosmetologist and own my own studio.” He asked me how I knew what a cosmetologist was.

How did you achieve your goal?

Straight after graduating from Sonoma High in 2008, I started the eleven-month, eight-hours a day program. I worked at Black Bear Diner during high school, and nights at Mary’s Pizza while I was in beauty school. Since I was twenty I’ve been a co-owner of one salon, and a year ago December I started another on my own. It’s flourishing.

How have you “given back” to the community?

I served for four years on the board of Teen Services and for three years I chaired their annual fundraiser, Cowboy Cabernet. The first year 80 people attended; my last year, we were sold out at 300.

That must have helped Teen Services enormously.

Yes, all the increased funds helped sustain programs and allow them to develop new ones. The Fund-a-Needs went to the Lovin’Oven one year, and another to the Skills for Life program. Teen Services named me their “Star Volunteer” for the year 2015.

What are you doing now that you’ve left the Teen Services board?

I recently joined the Women’s Club. They started an evening meeting to draw in younger members. The Club has an amazing history. Did you know that those women planted the first trees on the Plaza? And they started the first library here. I’m definitely the youngest member, along with Rachel Hundley. I’m going to work on their fundraiser, the May 22 Luau.

What drew you to do so much for the community?

I didn’t set out to do good. It just kind of happens.

Do you have any observations about volunteering locally?

There are so many different nonprofits. I’d like to see bridges between them. The Women’s Club could sponsor a dinner for the new Girls’ Group at the Teen Center. Things like that.

— Interview by Anna Pier


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