Update: Photo of bank robbery suspect

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun


The suspect in Tuesday’s robbery at Rabobank is still at large, but the Sonoma Police Department has released a photo of the man taken by the bank’s surveillance system.

Sheriff’s detectives believe the suspect to be possibly Hispanic rather than African- American as previously reported. He is also wearing an olive green, long sleeve shirt with a darker design with wings and stars, not a yellow design as previously reported.

The suspect was also wearing a dark colored baseball cap and a mesh type mask over his face. Please call 911 if you see this suspect or know of his whereabouts.

One thought on “Update: Photo of bank robbery suspect

  1. Of course, he shouldn’t have done it, but if apprehended, tried and found guilty, he will be sentenced to far more time in prison for stealing a few lousy dollars in cash than any corrupt politician, lobbyist or Wall Street banker who has stolen millions, very likely from people just like this fellow. Wells Fargo comes to mind.
    His crime notwithstanding, he is to be commended for having the courage and respect for his victims to rob them the old fashioned way — face-to-face and in person. And he didn’t even use a weapon; he couldn’t have been more polite than that. Some say that when banks get robbed, they are simply getting a taste of their own medicine. While that is certainly debatable, and while he will likely be caught, tried and sentenced as the law requires, it’s somehow a small comfort to think that Sonoma is finally getting a better class of criminals.

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