Disappointed by Sun coverage

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun
I find it a bit shocking that only one of your columnists wrote anything concerning the murder-suicide event that happened at the Yountville Vets home.  Do you realize
that the suicide rate among vets is somewhere around 20 per day in America? It is shocking to me that your columnists did not address this horrible tragedy that happened so close to home.Thank you to Katy Byrne for bringing up the horrible facts of what is happening today in America. The other columnist wrote la-de-da articles that seem more intent on trivial
nonsense.  It takes courage and deep thought to deal with the elephant in the room and so I applaud Katy Byrne for addressing this ongoing tragedy.

I find the blogs and columns more and more uninteresting these days.  I don’t know what is happening but perhaps it is time for some new blood. I have been reading the Sonoma Valley Sun since the day it came out and am always happy that this paper exist. Too bad it has become progressively more shallow and narrow in it’s left wing viewpoint over time. I hope this changes and we can once again hope that it will become a better paper.

— George Thompson, Sonoma

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