More support for Nita

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

We join with Margo Ginsburg in her letter to the Sonoma Valley Sun, published October 4, regarding the character of Nita Rothschild, whose husband was found responsible for her brutal death.

We, too, knew Nita and Steve through their regular participation in our local bridge club and other social activities, and even more personally through attending ballet performances with them, and dining with them, on several occasions. In none of our interactions did we see any evidence of Nita’s alleged aggressive behavior. On the contrary, she was always pleasant, kind, caring, polite and in fact solicitous of Steve when he was recovering from his hip replacement surgery.  Conversely, we did experience one occasion when Steve’s driving behavior seemed unusually aggressive, to the point of our personal discomfort, and we were puzzled at the time by Nita’s not having made any critical comment.

If there were difficulties in the marriage, Steve had ample opportunity to leave the relationship, as other people do, by simply separating. We believe the above, and the other comments in the various newspapers should be strongly considered when the court issues its sentence.

— Helen and Roger Bohl, Sonoma



One thought on “More support for Nita

  1. Thought I read it comes up on 10 /30 We will then know if he goes in .In my Kangaroo court he should easily do ten years .But it looks like it will be less .

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