It’s a time for solutions, not foot stomping

Posted on March 27, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

We are committed to being part of the conversation about how Sonoma can continue to be a great city and community, while dealing with the realities of change, growth, housing, traffic, and the many other issues facing all thriving communities. I was very interested in the discussion started with the advertisement taken out in the Index-Tribune, but have to say I was disappointed in the response email [from Citizens for Sonoma Renewal, in which the writers did not identify themselves].

Too much of today’s politics and divisiveness is caused by an aversion to speaking out and taking responsibility for your statements. Hiding behind pseudonyms and calling for change without being up front about who you are and what you stand for isn’t the way I want to see things done (and misspelling Sonoma in your email name isn’t a great start either)  We are interested in starting a discussion that is based on finding smart, real world solutions to the challenges facing this city that attempt to find common ground between all of those interested in being a part of the answer.

To be clear, our intent is to start a dialog to more clearly understand the concerns from all sides of these issues – from people who are interested in looking for solutions, not just interested in stomping their feet and making sure their voice is heard. This isn’t about being a “voice to be reckoned with,” but rather being a voice for positive partnership.

— Jeff and Laurie Katz, Sonoma

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