Thoughts of a supposed ‘coastal elite’

Posted on December 16, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I have been watching a CNN series on the 70s on Netflix that came out in 2015.  There is a segment on Watergate and Nixon’s resignation. Never once in this pre-Trump era coverage did I hear that congress was trying to undo the will of the voters.  It is not that the offence was more or less serious than it is today, it is that we live in different times and many have a different perspective on reality.  

In the San Francisco Chronicle: GOP says coastal elites want to overturn election: Republican lawmakers started the debate Wednesday night by hauling a sign reading “coastal impeachment squad” onto their side of the committee dais.

GOP says: The Democrats have never accepted the will of the people.

Lindsey Graham from CNN: “If you don’t like President Trump, you can vote against him in less than a year. It’s not like a politician is unaccountable if you don’t impeach them.”

Facts that have been fact checked.

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote of the 2016 presidential election was nearly three million votes.

Giuliani ran up $900,000 in expenses during one six-month period, including more than $12,000 for his favorite cigars.

Here is what I think about this.

As a supposed coastal elite I spend about $4,800 on groceries per year for two people.  It is completely amazing to be called elite by people who lifestyle is beyond elite, who are wallowing in just plain obscene amounts of wealth, privilege and gratuitous waste.  Six months worth of cigars for these people can feed a family of five for a year very, very well. As a “costal elite” I usually shop at Whole Foods or Oliver’s, so we are not talking dumpster food.

It is not the will of the people that we have Trump.  It is our Electoral College system that gave us Trump.

The Republicans know full well that Trump has broken the law, but they only care about the real elites, those that sit around in gold plated rooms, smoking cigars, swilling fine cognac and eating caviar.  And to do so they need to keep Trump in power. And just for laughs they need to make sure the poor are busting their butts at 2 or 3 jobs before they let them have some food stamps.   

— Josette Brose-Eichar, Sonoma Valley


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