Sun on the Street: How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Posted on February 14, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Manya and Dick Smith, Boyes Hot Springs

Dick: We just celebrated our 24th anniversary, but we’ll celebrate again. We’re going out for a lovely romantic dinner. 

Manya: See, now you’re on the hook.


Tricia Smith and Tom Theodores,  Sonoma

Tricia: We’re gonna get those steaks from Sonoma Mountain Beef, here at the Friday Farmers Market. We’ll have dinner at home. 

We’ve been together 19 years.


David and Tina Hinkley,  Sonoma

David: We’ve been together 57 years, and we always do the same thing. We always go out to dinner. It’s prosaic but true. And because I’m a writer, I always write her a new valentine – that’s my present. She gives me a smile and a kiss. 


Marjorie Pier and Jevon Martin,  El Verano

Marjorie:  We’ll be celebrating by doing what we love to do together – dinners at our new restaurant in Petaluma, Street Social.  


Jason and Denise Payne,  Sonoma

Jason: We’ll stay in – I’m gonna cook Denise dinner and of course we’ll have a bottle of really nice wine. She’ll pick out the wine. And Sami will bake the cake. 


–Anna Pier


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