Vote ‘No’ on Proposition 13

Posted on February 25, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

My husband and I have always supported schools in the Valley through sponsorship of school bonds, contributions and volunteering even though we had no children of our own. 

In 2016, Measure E was put on the ballot, and once again, we were asked to vote for a 120 million dollar schools bond which would be in effect for the next 30 years. We checked our tax bill and found that we were paying $4,500 per year in taxes in school bond money. Check your own tax bills and see what you are paying! 

I ask you, where has this money gone? I do not see any significant changes in our schools today! However, we voted “Yes” on the Measure E initiative in support. We then find out a significant percentage of this money is to go to funding an athletic stadium — not on plumbing, leaky roofs, new bathrooms and computer labs as we were led to believe. 

Are you kidding? Proposition 13 will top 27 billion dollars over 35 years with annual payments of 800 million dollars! 

Until we have assurances that our money will be going where it is suppose to be going, I will be voting “NO” on Proposition 13. I urge you read this proposition carefully and decide for yourself. 

–Laurie Sebesta, Sonoma

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