Council’s traffic plan for Broadway is absurd

Posted on May 14, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I live on East Napa Street and am very concerned about commercial traffic on the street.

 I think the idea of removing any lanes for vehicles on Broadway is absurd. How will this help?  It will only increase the commercial traffic on Napa Street. Bikers have other options including bike/walking paths and streets with little vehicle traffic. The entrance to Sonoma on Broadway is a beautiful as well as practical route for incoming traffic, both cars and trucks.  The view ahead of the City Hall and Plaza is iconic.  This is the central destination for tourists.  Bikers need to be away from large traffic areas for everyone’s safety.

What we need are incentives for truckers to bypass 8th Street East and go over to Broadway and come up Broadway.  We need to put obstacles in the way of truckers on East Napa Street and probably other routes to encourage them to stay on the routes where they are supposed to be.  We have suggested stop signs at 5th Street East and I would also think 6th Street East.  This slows the flow of traffic and makes it unprofitable for scofflaw truckers to take this unlawful route.

There is no reason to rush this whole question while we can’t have face to face meetings with the public.  It is too important to push through at this time. Right now the Council needs to concentrate on immediate issues related to the Coronavirus. 

 — Antoinette Kuhry, Sonoma


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