Essick must go

Posted on May 30, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

So, County Sheriff Mark Essick gets to decide which regulations (laws) and directives he wants to enforce or not. This is precisely what his very public defiance (Facebook posting) of County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase’s public health order is. All Sheriff’s Essick’s protestations about being “bullied” and not a part of these public health decisions is pure nonsense and egoic lame excuses.

Since when do police get to decide which laws they’ll enforce? Does the public have this option and if not, why not? Is that the new legal system, as voiced and demonstrated by Donald Trump time and again? Where is Essick going in this power-play with elected county officials? Is he looking for some kind of national recognition by the MAGA crowd? Is he auditioning for Trump?

If the Sheriff can decide what he’ll do or not do in this regard, or any law or regulation he happens not to like, then the County of Sonoma and the public have no control, restraint or accountability over those who police them.

That is in essence a police state. Essick should go.

— Will Shonbrun, Sonoma

5 thoughts on “Essick must go

  1. Just like California’s sanctuary policy!
    California gets to decide which laws it follows!
    Wake up!
    This isn’t about our safety when they are letting criminals out of jail, but are arresting law abiding citizens for trying to earn a living! This state is a joke!
    I applaud the sheriff!!!

  2. Mase is not an elected official. She is appointed.
    Good for Essick for not drinking the Cool Aid like the rest of the sheep in this county.
    This is a “police state”??? Are you kidding me??? The police state is here because the sheep are being told what to think, and ignorant people are too stupid to make their own decisions and just follow along.

  3. The Trump Cult of Death eagerly awaits the spaceship! Essick should resign as Sheriff so that he can be the leader he was meant to be. All Aboard!

  4. Essick has 000% support from any other law enforcement agency in Sonoma County. He has 000% support from any other elected official in Sonoma County. He is a rogue, out of control, bad cop. He must go.

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