Reparations now!

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

No more talk. Let’s see some action. Reparations NOW—it’s long overdue. Establish a program, a workable process, and let’s see some meaningful change.

Why do we need impossible-to-obtain proof of descendancy from slaves before you can be given reparations?   If you are Black and need a better life, you qualify.  But the Government shouldn’t just write a check and watch them walk away.  These folks need an education and support while they get it. They need health benefits, health education, a job, a roof, a family– a better life.

Also, open up National Service:  We need our infrastructure fixed; we need health care workers; we need care for the elderly; we need to fix our schools; we need modern day CCC camps, etc., etc.  During the Depression, FDR did this and helped millions earn a modest living while providing the dignity of work.

No jobs because they all got sent over-seas or technology has wiped them out? New kinds of jobs are on the horizon, but people need to learn new skills. Our education system needs updating. We should encourage industry to participate in training for these new jobs. Encourage new tech companies to move to those areas left destitute by disappearing jobs.

We need money to pay for all this?   Go back to post-war tax rates. The tax breaks to the rich are now off-shore in many hiding places.  The corporations and the ultra-rich don’t need all that money while so many in the world are barely surviving.

Along with Reparations, all our people need justice, understanding and love.

— Helen M Rowntree (age 91), Sonoma


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