Trump — WTF?

Posted on June 19, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Well, it’s been three-and-a-half long, embarrassing years since our last election, and another one is coming up real soon. I’m really hoping that enough of the people that voted for “that man” have paid attention to what he has really done. Especially all the women that he has disgraced and abused over his years, not only as the president but going back decades. He is the definition of a Male Chauvinist, and knows it, and likes it.
Do you remember his nasty wording of going about fondling women’s genitals, and admitting to “… grabbing their p – – – -“? And separating children from their mothers and family at the border awhile back, and not even being concerned about it? Every mother I know would be devastated if that happened to them. To be like that is deplorable and disgusting. Ladies, after doing all of this (and that’s only a couple things), and remembering all the love and respect for your gender he has shown, please, before this election, give this all some serious thought before voting for this idiot.
We all, and I mean all, need to give it some thought before putting him back in the Discolored House in DC.  We can’t turn into people that approve of physically and brutally — clearing a lawn area of Peaceful Protestors so meathead can go get his picture taken at the local little church close by, and acting like he doesn’t know why they set it on fire the previous night. Look in the mirror, Donnie.  A President should not be inciting riots and threatening protesters and “call in the Military”.  What a disappointment as a human. Between some misled believers and his ability to control the Electoral Votes, he slopped into being a President. You do remember that he lost the popular vote, don’t you? Everyone needs to read up on the Electoral College, and the Electors that actually vote for the President. You and I do not actually vote for the president, we just think we do. Before you think I’m friggin’ nuts, please read up on it and find out how easy rigging an election could be.  There are no prerequisites for being an Elector, except agreeing to play the game. Think about it. He does it in Russia, why wouldn’t he do it in our own country?
And think about the “paying for the Wall” thing, to the dividing up of families with small children being taken care of by their older brothers and sisters, taking a blind eye to humanity, his lack of action or concern about the virus,  and inquiring publicly about maybe shooting up some disinfectant, or maybe drinking some Clorox and some special lighting idea.  WTF?  He set examples for exactly zero people when this broke out.  He downplays the whole thing, won’t wear a mask, blames everyone else for his non-actions, and can actually stand up at that podium and deny all the allegations while talking about how much he’s done as President. LOL.
Now that’s some Fake News, people.
— Mike Wicks, Vineburg

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