The bright promise of Sonoma High’s new athletic fields

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

We would like to express our gratitude and positive spirit around the current construction taking place for the redevelopment of the Sonoma Valley High School (SVHS) athletic fields. The project is well underway and we can see how the plans will unfold. A gorgeous all-weather field that will host football, soccer, and lacrosse, surrounded by an eight-lane track. Additionally, there will be new natural grass baseball and softball fields, new outdoor basketball courts, and updated walking paths. 

For years our students suffered with the poorest conditions with respect to athletic facilities, far worse than any other high school in Sonoma or neighboring counties. They endured extensive travel and an inability to host home games and meets. Now more than ever, during a global pandemic and school closures, our students need something hopeful. The new athletic field project is just that. The promise of new athletic facilities is the most positive thing happening in our community right now! 

While we endure a pandemic, wildfires, thick smoky air, and the challenges of distance learning, our kids know that this all shall pass. One day soon we will be back in the classrooms and back on the fields. We cannot wait for game day!


Susie Gallo, Parent of two recent SVHS graduates, Lacrosse Coach, Executive Director of Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance 

Cindy Studdert, SVHS Parent, youth and high school soccer coach for 10 years, Director of Sonoma Farm Tots Preschool 

Terry Mathison, SVHS Parent, Vice President of SVHS Boosters, resident of the neighborhood surrounding SVHS 

Stefanie Jordan, SVHS Parent, youth soccer coach for 13 years, resident of the neighborhood surrounding SVHS, Principal of Sassarini Elementary School 

Carrie Brophy, SVHS Parent, Adele Harrison parent, Prestwood parent, Pediatric Nurse 


One thought on “The bright promise of Sonoma High’s new athletic fields

  1. Atheltic fields, like science labs, music rooms, and stages in the auditorium for student plays are extensions of the classrooms. Thank goodness enough voters in Sonoma had the foresight to approve the bond measure enabling construction of new “classrooms” behind Sonoma Valley High. Our youth deserve quality educational facilities. The dilapidated, unsafe pitch and stands on Arnold Field are well beyond their use-by date.

    In a community of such obvious wealth, our schools and the students who attend them deserve better. So many students “migrate” to private schools like Justin-Siena, Marin Day School, Sonoma Country Day School, as well a to schools in other school districts because our own public schools fall short — in significant part due to lack of funding by voters here.

    Let’s spend the money to keep our students in the Sonoma Valley Schools District.

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