Trump’s pardons have done profound damage

Posted on December 28, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The recent pardons granted by our soon-to-be but not-soon-enough ex-president have done profound and lasting damage to our country.

Trump pardoned military contractors that had been convicted of killing 14 civilians (including women and children) in Iraq in 2007. These pardons signal to terrorists that America doesn’t care about Islamic lives. Trump has given terrorist groups a powerful recruiting message saying that, even if they are convicted, Americans who kill innocent Muslims can go scot-free with a presidential pardon. How can we convince potential terrorists that America does not hate Muslims now? We are likely to face future anti-American terrorist attacks due to the reckless actions of this president.

When we are confronted with anti-terrorist military conflicts in Islamic countries, I hope that the Trump voters and the Republican Party will take responsibility for the result of supporting this reckless president.

— Matt Metzler, Sonoma  

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