Reject Amazon’s proposed Sonoma distribution center

Posted on May 4, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Recently, Sonoma County officials had put a temporary halt to the proposed Amazon “Distribution Center” on Eighth Street and the 121, having twice rejected permit applications from the warehouse owner who wishes to lease his vacant building to the online retail giant.

In the debate surrounding this proposed Amazon “last-mile” delivery station, it’s important to recognize that these “Distribution Centers” act as the last component of the company’s supply chain.

Locals need to understand that this means every package that leaves the Distribution Center in a Prime van will be shipped there in a semi-truck first.

So on top of Amazon employees driving to and from, the blue Prime vans driving to and from, add on the 18-wheelers that will bring every package to the warehouse…in addition to the regular flow of traffic on the 121. All this on a dilapidated two-lane road that floods half the year?

Do we think some bottom-of-the-barrel nonunion Amazon jobs are worth it? The sub-contracted workers who drive those blue Prime vans make $15-18 per hour. UPS drivers, on the other hand, make $38 per hour on average with the protections of a union contract, pension, healthcare/dental and guaranteed raises… while doing the same work.

Jeff Bezos is worth $182 billion exactly because his workers are the lowest paid in the warehousing/logistics industry. Aside from the horrible traffic issues this would inevitably cause, Amazon isn’t a company Sonoma should be welcoming with open arms.

— Mark Malouf, Sonoma

2 thoughts on “Reject Amazon’s proposed Sonoma distribution center

  1. I live next to the building and I’m all for it. Put people to work. Sonoma is not business friendly. Local officials always have problem with people trying to bring business to the area. Think about other people and not yourself.

    1. If you’d like your driveway to be crammed with semis, prime vans and the regular flow of traffic on a two lane road, then I understand your position. Amazon employees are some of the lowest paid workers in the warehousing/logistics industry. Supporters of this proposed facility like to tout that Amazon will bring “more jobs”. But I implore you to ask: what kind of jobs are we trying to bring into our town?

      Be careful what you wish for.

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