St. Helena hits Pacaso with stronger timeshare ban

Posted on March 23, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In a victory for Pacaso’s critics, the St. Helena City Council has amended its ban on timeshares to expressly prohibit the company’s home co-ownership model.

“We have a place for tourists, and it’s not in our neighborhoods,” said Vice Mayor Paul Dohring. The council passed the new regulations 5-0, reports the St. Helena Star.

City officials still maintain that Pacaso’s co-ownership method was already prohibited under the city’s existing timeshare ban. The new ban adopted by the council modifies the definitions of terms like “time-share plan” and is intended to remove any doubt about the matter.

The ban applies to all residentially zoned property, but it allows timeshares as a conditional use in the Service Commercial and Central Business districts.

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