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Under the Sun: Christina the Psychic

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun


I’d like to start by taking your picture, so our readers can see you.

No, no photo. I never allow that. I’m sorry. I never let anyone take my picture. Why did you decide to interview me? Because of Halloween?

I’m not gonna lie. But I have wondered about you, when I would see the sign for your business. So, can you tell me about yourself, how you began this work.

I was born to a family of psychics. I’m the fourth generation. My mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, they were all psychics. My mother has been doing it all her life. My grandfather came from Argentina. First to New York, everyone had to go there first, but he settled in Massachusetts. That’s where I grew up. Near Boston. I’ve been in California, in San Francisco, where I was a licensed psychic for about twenty years.

How did you know you had the family gift?

Well, everyone is born with psychic ability. Everyone has the third eye. They just don’t know it. But some people have it more intensely. I was born with the gift. I see things very quickly. I started with my friends. My sister has the ability but she doesn’t do it professionally. I always wanted to do it. I enjoy reading people. Find out about a free online licensed reading, available options compared by Herald Net

How do psychic abilities manifest?

You can see auras. By touch. By understanding people’s dreams. Psychic abilities come in many different ways. Since time began there have been healers. Healing really means getting to inner harmony. But psychics are not mind-readers. I can pick up on what’s worrying you, what’s on your mind. But I don’t read your thoughts. Thoughts are very private.

Tell me about your work

My clients usually want to look a little into the future. Or they come with a specific question, something they’re trying to make a decision about. Don’t misunderstand me, they don’t base their life on me. But they want more understanding. They usually want to know a little about everything. I always warn my clients that I’m not going to sugar-coat anything. They have to take the good with the bad.

How do you work with a client?

It depends. I don’t really read palms. Palm reading, now that you can learn. It doesn’t take a psychic. I hold their hand, and mostly I see the past, but some present and future. If I do the tarot cards, it’s not about the layout, it’s about the vibrations I get, it’s all psychic. And aura reading, I do that. That’s really about energies.

What do you like about your work?

I’m passionate about my work. I enjoy meeting different people. And I work here in my home, in a family environment. But of course in a private room. I enjoy what I do. I plan to do it still for a long time. If I can guide someone, help someone have an outlook, I enjoy that. But I don’t know everything.

What is challenging for you about your work?

Sometimes when I pick up on something that is not going to be pleasant, not going to be easy for the client. But most clients are open. Even if they’ve said they don’t want to hear the bad, then they see it on my face, and they ask me to go ahead and tell them.

Some “best” moments?

There’s been lots of them. But I’m not going to tell you. Everything is private and confidential. I would never tell a client’s story, even anonymously.

What would you want our readers to know?

Things can be changed.

— Interview by Anna Pier


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