Sonoma County dems endorse Gorin for supervisor

Posted on January 6, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma County Democratic Party has endorsed Susan Gorin for re-election to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in District 1, which includes the City of Sonoma and the unincorporated areas of Sonoma Valley. 

Gorin has one opponent in the race: Sonoma City Councilmember David Cook. The primary is March 5. 

“The Sonoma Dems are proud of Supervisor Gorin’s leadership on the many complex issues that face Sonoma County,” said County​ Democratic Party Chair Pat Sabo. 

Leading the effort to reimagine the use of Sonoma Development Center while protecting those most vulnerable who have been residents at the Center, building local affordable housing, renewal of the Springs area of Sonoma, building sidewalks, focusing on road improvements, and protecting our precious open space ​— these are all issues important to all Democrats,” Sabo said.

The endorsement was unanimous, Sabo said, recognizing support for her actions on the Board and her leadership to achieve resilience since the fires of 2017. 

Supervisor Gorin responded, “I’m grateful to Sonoma County Democrats for their endorsement again, and I’m humbled that it was a unanimous vote. The endorsement, along with hundreds of others, demonstrates the overwhelming support voters and leaders have for my platform that Pat Sabo so eloquently shared. Thank you all.” 

This year the Sonoma Dems will be working for Supervisor Gorin’s re-election in a variety of ways. Precinct walking, post cards to neighbors, and phone banking from our Coordinated Campaign Headquarters at 635 Fifth St. in Santa Rosa are​planned, and direct mail into her District will take place as well. 


2 thoughts on “Sonoma County dems endorse Gorin for supervisor

  1. Let’s be honest. Sonoma isn’t what but was 20 years ago, neither are the locals and we are watching more people move out of our community who were raised here.
    The major complaint lately is Susan Gorin and her Lies and dishonesty about her plans to turn Verano Ave to Donald into the Springs, whine Rezoning the residents homes to mass Build. approximately 59 Unites per acre.
    The Developer and Gorin have been very disrespectful to existing residents , some with as much as 30 years in the sane homes.

    Our streets are already a race zone and constant test track for locals to speed between the 4 Stop Signs. When Gorin responded, to several emails, she told locals she wasn’t for a mass build, but wanted us to work with the County to ease the settlements, without issues.
    Susan Gorin requests that we just give up, it’s going to happen…. these words echoing through the neighbors standing g at a BOS meeting.

    If the Dems think she is the Right Candidate, then she’s going to face a true battle.,

  2. I have concerns about all this talk about “affordable” housing. I have been trying to keep up with where and why this housing is going and for who. I feel there is a lot of misleading statements about why there is such a push for mass building. Is it in Susan Gorin’s neighborhood?

    SDC is a hot topic and it has been suggested to have indoor/outdoor sanctioned homeless housing, not sure why. I work in SF and it is deplorable. The general public doesn’t know a fraction of the homeless problem in SF and the mismanagement of the resources. People believe that all homeless are just down on their luck and want help. Many homeless are violent, drug users and don’t want help.

    I noticed that an employee from the San Francisco mayor’s office put in an application for the use of SDC for what I take as a dumping ground for the San Francisco’s mentally ill and homeless people. I have only lived in Sonoma for 10 years, but came here to get a away from the extreme liberal thinking of SF and Marin Counties.

    The extreme liberal thinking and choices made by Democrats make me think about being a republican. Seeing how horrible Trump is that’s a depressing thought!

    I am not sure Gorin is the right candidate.

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