Sexual assault on Sonoma bike path, suspect in custody

Posted on February 4, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The man who allegedly attacked a teenager on the Sonoma Bike Path was apprehended Saturday, two days after grabbing the girl and exposing himself before running off.

Arrested  was Ruben Reyes-Gallardo of Sonoma, 29, for attempt rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure and violation of probation.

On January 30 at about 7:25 pm, Sonoma Police Deputies received a report from a teenager that a man assaulted her while she was walking on the bicycle/pedestrian path near the police department on First Street West.

According to the Police report, the suspect grabbed her from her buttocks and thighs in an attempt to bring himself closer to her. The victim was able to slap his hands away, but he again grabbed the victim, who was again able to push him away. As she turned, he saw the suspect unzip his pants and expose himself.

The suspect lunged once more, but the girl — commended for her bravery by the police — fought him off and screamed for help.

Deputies immediately checked the area for the suspect. One man was detained, but the victim confirmed that he was not the attacker. That man was immediately released.

The suspect was at large until Saturday, February 2. The victim contacted Sonoma Police to report that she was sent a photo of the suspect, who was currently at the Field of Dreams Park. Deputies responded to the Field of Dreams and spoke with the victim. She was able to point out Reyes-Gallardo as the attacker.

Reyes-Gallardo, currently on probation for a past drug-related case, was booked at the Sonoma County Jail. He is currently in custody with a bail amount of $31,000.

Police said the attack appears to be an isolated, randon crime by the lone suspect.

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