Sonoma’s homeless agency shares some good news

Posted on August 16, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I thought I would share some good news with you.

Sonoma Overnight Support has placed three homeless clients into Los Guilicos Village, temporary housing opened by the County on Pythian Road to take the overflow of homeless from the Joe Rodota Trail. Special thanks to Tom La Grave of Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, Mayor Logan Harvey, and City Councilmember Madolyn Agrimonti for their help.

Los Guilicos Village has 60 personal shelters. Each 64 sq. ft. unit features a door with a lock, a window, a bunk bed, and shelves for storage. The St. Vincent de Paul Society supplies medical care, 24-hour security, showers, and a dining area.  

  • Johnnie, age 73, has chronic medical issues. This summer he had been housed at Sonoma State University, but when the dorms had to be vacated for incoming students, he slept in his car.
  • Gary, age 67, had been living in his truck. 
  • Jessie, age 49, had previously turned down offers to stay at the Winter Shelter and other shelters, because her dog, Lettie, would not be allowed to stay with her.

These longtime Sonoma residents now have their own tiny huts at Los Guilicos, and there’s even a dog run for Lettie. They report that they “love it there,” but they still come back for SOS’s meals at the Sonoma Community Springs Hall.

Speaking of meals, here are some statistics:

  • We are now serving a record-breaking number of 140 meals a day.
  • In July 2020 we served 922 meals more than we did in June 2020. 
  • Even with food donations from Wild Oak Saddle Club’s restaurant and additional food from FISH and the Redwood Empire Food Bank, meals cost us $4.80 per meal. 
  • We need to buy a carload of paper supplies and drinks every week from Costco and Smart & Final. 

 As we enter the fifth month of this pandemic, try to keep in mind the words of Nelson Mandela: “May your choices affect your hopes and not your fears.”

As the number of people coming to us for food continues to grow, we hope that you will make the choice to helpus feed the hungry. You can donate online from the comfort of your home or mail us a check, and help us make a difference.


Kathy King, executive director, Sonoma Overnight Support


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