Cannabis Draft Ordinance not as promised

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Cannabis Draft Ordinance is contrary to what the public was told and promised coming out of public hearings from the first amendment back in 2019.  Namely, the first amendment was a temporary patch, didn’t cover neighborhood concerns, and promised that phase 2 would primarily address neighborhood compatibility issues via an open meeting and outreach process.

Supervisor Hopkins stated “The second set of amendments… will focus on neighborhood compatibility… I remain committed to prioritizing the neighborhood compatibility phase of the cannabis ordinance.”  There has been no public outreach over the last 2 years and nothing in the proposed draft increases neighborhood protections. The same parcel size and setbacks remain.

This ordinance would allow a business to manufacture a product that requires 24/7 security to be within 100ft of a neighbor’s property. How is allowing a product, any product, that requires around-the-clock security, ever compatible with a neighborhood of families?  The ordinance provides 1000 ft. setback for “sensitive uses” like schools and parks.  But when your spouse and children come home only 100ft is provided. Your family counts less at home?

— Bill Krawetz, Sebastopol

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