It’s time for action on Sonoma’s climate resolution

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun
As a member of the City’s Community Services & Environment Commission, I want to add my voice to the Public Comment section of tonight’s Council meeting.  Unfortunately, I cannot deliver my comments in person as I will be at a La Luz board meeting.
Over a year ago our City Council adopted a Climate Emergency Resolution with some 21 climate emergency goals/measures. To date little action has occurred to meet those goals.  Climate meetings and actions appear to be continually postponed and delayed. The climate crisis has become dire in the wake of too little action by governments at all levels including ours.   
Our City Council must take the lead, along with our new City Manager, to demand immediate implementation of our City’s climate emergency measures and be a leader by example in our county.
Please also vote to agendize a joint public meeting with the CSEC where the climate goals with emergency action can be discussed. 
— Kimberly Blattner, Sonoma

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