Fifth grader: Sonoma horse farm is an amazing attraction

Posted on March 29, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I read in the paper that the Castagnasso Clydesdale horse farm was up for sale. When my teacher showed my class, we were all appalled. Personally, I have been there with my friend, Kennedy Falcon, and it was absolutely amazing!

Whenever I would pass the farm on my way to school, I used to think it was just a regular old horse farm. But, once I went there, all my old thoughts and feelings for it were immediately washed away. It is not just a regular old horse farm! It is one of the most wonderful attractions in our city of Sonoma. I am so blessed to live in this town.

A town with a horse farm. Right. In. The. Middle.

— Alegria G. Silvi, 5th grade student at Crescent Montessori School

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