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120th Anniversary Party: The 2017 Vintage Festival
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Meet ‘Flippy,’ the hamburger cooking robot
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Bonnie Lee
Bonnie Lee

Improvements to the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has added several new features to their website. If you go to, you will be pleased to find that if you need information about your tax liabilities or your refund, or general tax related questions, you will find the tools to provide the information. So much nicer than sitting on hold for two hours, am I right? According to the IRS, “The online account allows individual taxpayers to access the latest information available about their federal tax account through a secure and convenient tool on” When it first launched in December 2016, the tool assisted taxpayers with basic account inquiries such as information about their balance due and access to the various IRS payment options. Since then, the IRS has added new features allowing taxpayers to:
  • View up to 18 months of tax payment history
  • View payoff amounts and tax balance due for each tax year
  • Obtain online transcripts of various Form 1040-series through Get Transcript
  • Give feedback on their experience with their online account and make suggestions for improvements
“We are constantly looking for ways to improve taxpayers’ interactions with the IRS and adding these new features to the taxpayer’s online account is an important step in that direction,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “The IRS is committed to serving taxpayers in multiple ways and now taxpayers who want to interact digitally with us in a secure environment have access to even more helpful features.” Before accessing the tool, taxpayers must authenticate their identities through the rigorous Secure Access process. This is a two-step authentication process, which means returning users must have their credentials (username and password) plus a security code sent as a text to their mobile phones. Taxpayers who have registered using Secure Access for Get Transcript Online or Get an IP PIN may use their same username and password. To register for the first time, taxpayers must have their personal and financial information including: Social Security number, specific financial information, such as a credit card number or loan numbers, email address and a text-enabled mobile phone in the user's name. Taxpayers may review the Secure Access  process prior to starting registration. As part of the security process to authenticate taxpayers, the IRS will send verification, activation or security codes via email and text. The IRS warns taxpayers that it will not initiate contact via text or email asking for log-in information or personal data. The IRS texts and emails will only contain one-time codes. In addition to the online account, the IRS continues to provide several self-service tools and helpful resources available on for individuals, businesses and tax professionals. Some of these tools include: tracking your refund, prequalifying for an offer in compromise, preparing and electronically filing your income tax return for free (must be a simple return), setting up an installment agreement, etc. Check it out. Technology is making our financial lives so much easier to navigate.  
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‘Renters Week’ rally on Sonoma Plaza 'Renters Week' rally on Sonoma Plaza

  A pro-DACA rally drew a large crowd to Sonoma Plaza on September 8. Housing advocates will rally... Continue

School bond money; a Broadway crescendo; and a nonprofit Oscar School bond money; a Broadway crescendo; and a nonprofit Oscar

The Sonoma Valley School District board of trustees voted unanimously to approve a plan to spend the... Continue

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• Big change at Sonoma Market
• Springs community clean-up on 9/23
• Disguised suspect robs Sonoma bank, disappears
• Free DACA renewal services at La Luz
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Sonoma’s planning system is broken

Despite the aspirations of its General Plan, the policies and measures of its Development Code, its Planning... Continue

Regulate Sonoma’s wine tasting rooms
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‘Big Brother’ on the farm
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Comments on Brown Act were cynical, unfair
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Want to improve housing affordability? Increase the homeowners exemption
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Busting the myth that Prop 13 eviscerated local tax revenue
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Hospital board chair on south lot proposals, executive salaries
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Hotel EIR is well flacked, but flawed
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Who runs things in the Valley?
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‘Corporate behavior’ at Family Resource Center
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Too late to save ‘quality of life?’
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Common view of education ignores unjust, racist concepts
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Hospital land sale would be short-sighted choice
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Appalled by ‘Indian’ parade entry
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Ken Brown: support legal medicinal cannabis facility in Sonoma
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Last call at ‘The Spitfire Grill’
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